Andrew Heath-Richardson JP

Prospective Independent Aldermanic Candidate for the The Ward of Walbrook

Working for a city that represents, protects and advocates for the interests of all

Having been raised in East London, and owing my career to the City, it is a great privilege of mine to work to protect the best parts of the City of London, strive to overcome its challenges, and create further opportunities for all who live and work in the area. Now, I want to further commit to the success and prosperity for all who live and work here, as Alderman for the Ward of Walbrook.

Throughout my career I have contributed to London’s community in volunteer roles ranging from the Independent Advisory Group for the City of London Police, the Fundraising Board of the Lord Mayor's Appeal, and the East End Community Foundation, to being a Mental Health First Aider and a Justice of the Peace. Each of these speak to concerns that I am personally passionate about and that I see as inhibiting the quality of life for all in the City. Such concerns include reducing the stigma surrounding mental health problems, alleviating poverty in London, and encouraging businesses of all sizes to work together to help drive collective prosperity.

Alongside my professional experiences in property development, these roles have exposed me to the intricacies of the way the City runs, galvanising my desire to extend my commitment to London’s future, as well as alleviating the problems we currently face. My goal is to seek proactive solutions to everyday concerns for the long term success and enjoyment of London and its community.

Understanding that the role of Alderman is not to be undertaken lightly, and pledging my efforts to the electorate, I have amended my contract of employment to allow me to dedicate my time to you. To meet with you and perform the Aldermanic duties should the opportunity arise by working with the existing team of Common Councillors to listen to your concerns as owners, occupiers, retailers and residents.

If elected, I will strive to progress to become Sheriff and then Lord Mayor, acting as an ambassador for the City of London, Greater London and the UK on the world stage.

Together, let’s make Walbrook relevant for the future.



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